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Branding Advertising Events

(Date Created:06-Apr-2023)
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Golden Pencil Sdn Bhd

Brands and Events is one of the main factor to determine the success of today’s brand. We embark this with consumer experiences and spark with brand juice thats touches the consumer heart. It is never the same as traditional branding when compared to Brandtech’s conceptualised story, brand positioning and revolutionise it to another level. We are always emphasising the main essence of the client’s brand in becoming the top brand.
We have been the top notch agency with numerous awards that benchmarked us a quality and efficient in brand digitalising and creative events. This has been a landscape to shape the digital future of brands .
With an existing company in Hong Kong, we offer Brand Strategy & Digital Creative services that has made us on the spot, as a tool, to work and collaborate with stronger data platforms. This ensured us that we are always at the right moment and the right time for our clients.
Established back in March 2000, we, at Golden Pencil, dedicate our efforts into BRAND DIGITALISATION, Creative and Events Management. We have developed client’s brands from start ups to top leading brands. As we are familiar with creative design and advertising campaign work, it eases us to have a better understanding on what the client wants and to work with client agencies. We, at Golden pencil, aim to be a listed company, with a master planning that includes Digital Activation solutions, Golden Pencil Academy, Interior Design and Creative Branding Services that we would offer.

Unit 100.6.041 129 Offices Jaya One, No.72A Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya

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Golden Pencil Sdn Bhd
Golden Pencil Sdn Bhd

Tel: +60374971668
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