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Law Enforcement Software

(Date Created:10-Sep-2022)
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Cpi Openfox

Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (CPI), is a privately held corporation known for bringing cutting-edge software solutions to the law enforcement industry. CPI develops law enforcement software published to the OpenFox® Suite, which is a full suite of products offered to law enforcement departments that allow for quick, reliable, and secure sharing of vital information Because we focus solely on this sector, we understand the specific needs and challenges criminal justice professionals face better than any other technology company. We constantly push the limits of technology, developing new ways for officers to stay connected, informed, and protected.

400 Quadrangle Drive, Suite F
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Calendar Date Post: 16-Dec-2021    Pages: law enforcement software
CPI OpenFox
Cpi Openfox

Tel: (630)547-3679
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