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Noble Care Malaysia - Nursing Home Old Folk Homes

Noble Care Malaysia is a trusted name in the field of rehabilitation and holistic care. We provide services especially to those members of the community who are underprivileged and deserving. We take care and provide services to handicapped, old folks and seriously ill patients. We take full responsibilities sharing the duty and burden of the family and guardian.
The retirement living is a vital component of our social, cultural and economic future. It is not just an old folk home rather it is a complex of hospitality, health care, leisure, life style and personnel wellbeing and above all it is our social, moral, religious and ethical obligation to do it nicely. Noble Care has more than two decades of practical experience to develop and manage such ventures.


No. D-10 Jalan LKS-4 Kg Lee Kim Sai Rawang 48000, Selangor

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Noble Care Malaysia - nursing home old folk homes
Noble Care Malaysia - Nursing Home Old Folk Homes

Tel: +60162786993
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