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Repair Waterproofing Testing

(Date Created:06-Apr-2023)
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Uft Structure Re-engineering Sdn Bhd

UFT Structure Re-Engineering Sdn. Bhd (UFT) is a firm specialized in structural repair, CFRP strengthening and waterproofing services to its clients. Due to the increasing demand for construction chemical and material, UFT was formed in 1997 to handle services like demolition works, structure strengthening, structural repairing, waterproofing and relevant specialized scope of works. Structure repair works which include services such as installation of rebar, anchor bolts, leakage treatment, pressure grouting and diamond coring, epoxy injection treatment and carbon fibre reinforcement etc. Also involves in retailing of construction chemical and specialist equipments.

Since year 2000, UFT also carries out other civil structure construction works including industrial buildings, infrastructure and residential houses. Its main focus remain in problem solving and excelling construction design both in pre-contract, during construction and post contract stages. Analyses and perfecting construction quality and process will always become UFT key challenge.


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UFT Structure Re-Engineering Sdn Bhd
Uft Structure Re-engineering Sdn Bhd

Tel: 07-5578892
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